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Template letter from Coach to Parents

Welcome to the Grade X boys DS Camels team for Spring!

For those who do not know me, my name is James Smith and I will be your child’s head coach, assisted by Jennifer Jones and David Brown. We are all committed to making this a fun season and to give your child the best chance to develop their soccer and enjoy the sport with their teammates. We have a few important issues to communicate to you – please do take the time to read and reply, if necessary. Closer to the season start, we will send a sign up sheet for post game refreshments (popsicles if warm, hot chocolate drinks when cold). We are also looking for a volunteer parent to organize a pizza party at the end of the season – any kind volunteer for that, please email and let us know!


The coaches need to know your cell phone contact details, in case of an emergency. We will have them in our phones to allow easy contact should something happen at practice or a game that requires us contacting you urgently. ACTION REQUIRED - Please can you email back with numbers for both you and your spouse.


The season will be ten weeks, starting on April Xth and ending June Yth. We will play 9v9 games versus comparable teams in Metrowest. Shinguards are a must, your child won’t play without them. Unlike Fall, travel teams just do one midweek practice a week. We will ask for the best slots for our group and for coach availability. We can’t promise to come up with the perfect time slot for all, but we know lives are busy and please make whatever practices your can…the more the kids play together, the more they will have the chance to have fun developing their soccer and learn as a team together. ACTION REQUIRED - if you know of midweek conflicts for your child please email us know with days and times that apply.


The season does run over Holiday weekends and school vacation weeks. Rescheduling can be tricky and always difficult. ACTION REQUIRED – if you know you will be away over April vacation/Memorial Day Weekend/Columbus Day weekend, please let us know ASAP.


We will using an app called TeamSnap for all team communication and calendar items – more to come on this as we get closer to the season.


We promise that we will work hard for your child to teach them soccer. But we also need your help in this. The Club has a Code of Conduct for parents AND for players. ACTION REQUIRED - please print these from our website, show your child and ask them to read, agree to them and understand the consequences of not adhering to the Code – and please read the Code of Conduct for parents also.


Your child’s safety is paramount. Please be aware of our concussion policy, our partnership with  The Micheli Center, and our ImPACT testing service for players 11 years or older.

Futhermore, if there is anything regarding your child’s health or particular situation that you feel we should know, please do call or email us. We are only volunteers and often need information on how your child learns best to be able to coach the team optimally.


Uniforms – every player needs one that fits. See this section of our website to find out how and where to purchase.

That’s all for now, thank you very much for your support and GO DS!



DS Camels Coaching Team

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