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Important - Dover Sherborn Soccer Uniform Process

DS Soccer Club has contracted with Tri Valley Sports in Medway to provide custom fitted uniforms for every player.

How Does Our Uniform System Work?

There are 2 ways to obtain your uniform:

1. Players will visit Tri Valley to pick up their kit - this is the highly recommended method

Players will choose their sizes at the store, pay, and pick up their uniform all in one visit. and will come away with a uniform that fits well and should last for several seasons. The per player price for these uniforms is $52 per player, a significant discount over the store rack rates.

Tri Valley Sports, 106 Main St (Rt. 109), Medway, MA 02053

Phone: 508-533-5080

Click Here For Business Hours

2. You can call the store, obtain a number and order numbered jerseys & kit. However, please be aware - if the numbered jersey is not the right size on arrival, it cannot be returned. Also, there will be a $10 additional postage charge. 

The uniform system applies to all players in grades 3 to 8

NOTE: The player will be assigned a number that he or she will keep throughout the following years as a DS Soccer Club player.  

  • As parts of the uniform are outgrown (or lost!) they can be replaced as needed
  • You cannot order your uniform online
  • Tri Valley keeps track of uniform numbers to avoid duplicates
  • One year only even jersey numbers are assigned, and the next year only uneven numbers
  • This way duplication is avoided when 7th and 8th grade players join at U14.
  • Please e-mail Sue Cottrell at with specific questions.



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