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What a team manager can do to help....

Coaches, try and recruit a parent to act as team manager, they can take a lot of the email burden off your plate....typical tasks would be as follows:
  • Send a weekly (Monday?) email to all parents confirming weekday practice and Saturday game logistics, directions, timing etc
  • Gather the parents cellphone contact details and send to coaches so coaches can have them in their phones just in case little Billy gets injured at practice or if lightning occurs and an early pickup needs to be communicated.
  • -          Email the opposing coach(es) midweek to confirm field location address and time for the game (should all be on but it is good to share cellphone numbers also just if a crisis occurs and one needs to contact each other)
  • -          Set up a signup genius sheet for parents to bring popsicles if hot/DD hot chocolate if chilly for post game treats
  • -          Organize an end of season pizza/ice cream party – the Club reimburses $85 per team for these things, Treasurer can be emailed and found on
  • -          Perhaps collect donations for a thank you giftcard to coaches at season end if they are worthy (!)